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Interaction of Primary and Secondary Calendars in Opcenter SC

Secondary constraints are used to restrict what can be run on a primary resource (e.g. a CNC machine) when it is on shift. For example where 5 machines in a department are on shift between 8am and 4pm, but there are only 3 people available in that department, so at any one time only 3 machines can be running.

Here's how to use the Overview tab to see how the primary and secondary calendars interact.

Using an example of a department with 3 weld bays but only 2 welders available. A secondary constraint called "Welders" has been added to all 3 primary resources, to tell the system that 1 person is needed for the setup and run of any weld operation.

We have already created a "View only Resource Group", we will use this to make the Gantt charts show only the welding department:

Go to "Generate Schedule" and use the "Overview" tab.

Watch this video to see how to change your screen layout to have the same effect:

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