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Opcenter APS 
Planning and Scheduling

Core elements of the digital factory

(formerly Preactor)


Decide what to make and buy

Check the materials and resources that you will need in order to deliver on time

Software | Implementation | Training | ERP Interfaces

Better decisions, faster.

Bring all your data into an APS system:

  • Supply

  • Demand

  • Capacity

  • Resources

Use it to support your decision making processes in:

  • Factory Shop Floor Control

  • Purchasing

  • Customer Services

  • Sales and Operational Planning

Think of the Planning module as an alternative to the MPS/MRP process in your ERP system.

The Scheduling module has been around since the 1990s, you might know it by the old Preactor name.

It has broad and deep functionality to model your factory and predict future output.

It can be used without the Opcenter Planning module if you are happy with your existing MRP system. 

Decide what to make by a target date, to keep inventory at your required level.

RCCP constraints can be used to level the load.

Detailed finite capacity model of your factory resources, shown in a Gantt chart.

Find answers to many questions, e.g. can the target dates be hit?

Try some What-If scenarios.

Full Implementation Service

We can provide both the APS software and the related services & support.

Close integration is a vital part of any APS project.

As is a full and accurate set of ERP data - both static (BoM & Routes) and dynamic (Forecasts, Orders and Inventory)

We can design dashboards for you and deploy viewers for everyone. Or show you how to do it, after advising on reporting strategy.

Graphical user interfaces.
Manage by exception.
Answer questions easily.
Short term and strategic decision making.

  • What's the earliest each Works Order can start?

  • Which WO have shortages?

  • Which WO are expected to finish late?

  • What effect has the breakdown had?

  • Are we adhering to the schedule?

  • How many agency staff will we need?

  • What if we work Saturdays next month?

  • What added value will we generate this month?

  • Do sales orders exceed the sales forecast?

  • What rough cut capacity would we need to satisfy the 12 month sales forecast?

  • Which finished goods are at risk of going short?

  • Which sales orders can be shipped this week?

  • What do we need to buy in the next 7 days?

  • What to tell a the suppliers about the longer term forecast of our demands?

  • And so on.


Years Providing APS


Based in Huddersfield

West Yorkshire





Driving Principle - Happy Customers

Sage® X3
Sage® 1000
Sage® 200
Sage® 50
+ CIM50

We'll work with your ERP system

ERP Integration

We can advise how the manufacturing processes and the data held in your ERP might need to change.

Working with your ERP vendor or your own IT team.

If you use a UK based Sage® ERP system we already have knowledge of these and a packaged data integration to get you up and running quickly.

Opcenter APS can be integrated with any other ERP system by using SQL queries, ODBC, OData, API Web Services or CSV.

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